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Anoop Sharma from Photography Plus had an amazing chance to open up a little with the Director, Mr. Sumit Asija, Future Forward on the current and changing market trends. Here are some excerpts for you all of the stand alone conversation. NJOY!!!

Anoop Sharma: What is your plan for this fiscal? What are the products you will be increasing in your portfolio?
Mr. Sumit Asija: We really want to grow in services sector (like camera rental services , photography location as
studio), where the market size is very big but nobody is doing it in
an organised way. Services will be our main product this year and we are aggressively working to foray into this sector.

Anoop Sharma: What has been the contribution of retail and services?

Mr. Sumit Asija: we always try out our best to give , a customer, not only good price but 360 degree solution, like studio and camera rental services , buy back option along with the post sales engagement like workshop , free services camp etc. We are also working on a platform named Our India Photographer which is something unique and Future Forward will be officially announcing that soon.

Anoop Sharma: What has been the impact of online business on your business?

Mr. Sumit Asija: I really don’t think so because the online business has not precisely affected our kind of customers because we always wanted to make a customer to feel the product where customer can pay extra for touch and feel. E-markets are not for pro because there is nobody to answer a pro customer in terms of some product knowledge or right buying. It can only effect to amateurs’ camera market, but the market if beyond it for us.

Anoop Sharma: So what goes in to the consideration while selecting a brand?

Mr. Sumit Asija: Its only about brand, it’s actually about product also. Because USP of the products makes us confident about it, brands are only for demand and supply.

Anoop Sharma: What are the recent trends you notice in the Photography sector, especially in India?

Mr. Sumit Asija: Technology is changing very fast and you can’t depend on what you have today. You need to keep understanding the technology and to meet customer’s requirement. That’s why conversion happens for sales as well as happy customer.

Anoop Sharma: Will you continue to grow in Photography distribution? Is Future Forward looking to get into service business like organising workshops?

Mr. Sumit Asija: We are only focusing on retail and end customer. Workshops are part of my margins; I mean customer pay for those services which is part of customer engagement for us. We never look workshop as a business.

September 2021