Dear all, Due to unavoidable circumstances we would like to inform that our international exhibition – INDIAN RECHARGER XPO—2020, which was planned to be held on 12/13/14, March, 2020, is postponed. The event has been postponed due to the sudden outbreak of coronovirus in China. The epidemic has caused the Indian government to put certain restrictions on the people coming and going to China. Thus keeping the health and current situation in consideration, we have postponed the event till further notice. Regards INDIAN RECHARGER XPO
There will be a great increase in online business whereas in the offline sector credit policy will have a new look –Mr. Masood Khan.

There will be a great increase in online business whereas in the offline sector credit policy will have a new look –Mr. Masood Khan.

When the whole nation is standing united in the fight against Covid-19, Mr. Masood Khan, Image King in conversation with Divya Roy Choudhury, Indian Recharger Sources, brings forth his valuable experience and suggestions in overcoming with some major issues like economic crises, post Covid 19 era and business growth. Image King is a well-established brand with array of products ranging from cartridge parts, toner powders, OPC drums, wiper and doctor blades, PCR, MSR, pressure rollers, formatter boards, printer assembly, teflon sheets to name a few.

DRC: What’s your take on the current “LOCKDOWN” the nation is facing?

  1. KHAN: Whenever relatives or friends visit us they give a few lessons and learnings leaving behind good or bad moments which we can recall any time. Similarly the uninvited visitors who have visited our planet now are teaching many lessons which we never dreamt about. One of the important knock out point we all should focus is the kind of organisation or a company, built by us in the past 10, 20 or 30 years cannot take care of us for even two to three months. The way we get tensed to arrange salaries, rent, and taxes during this lockdown is becoming a challenge. We have to make our firms in such a way that they can withstand any calamity, equipped with ample cash reserves and run the show for at least one quarter of the year.

DRC: Do you think that imaging industry will revive as soon as the situation stabilizes?

  1. KHAN: I am of the opinion that imaging industry will be in the recovery mode much faster than any other industry because these are the consumable products must for office use. It is for sure offices will soon start working and all the homework have to be printed and presented. The government departments which are the larger consumers generate big possibilities for our industry. The banks started working within a few days of lockdown and hence the need for office consumables especially for toners is always there.

DRC: People have been speculating that India will go at least 10 years back due to Covid-19, what future do you foresee?

  1. KHAN: I believe that India will certainly witness huge growth post Covid 19 because the opportunities will be in abundance but of course with a slow pace at first on a revival process.

DRC: Do you think that after era of Covid 19 will increase domestic manufacturing and decrease imports?

  1. KHAN: Yes both imports as well manufacturing will increase but will gradually improve

DRC: Do you think life and business will remain same after Covid 19?

  1. KHAN: It is for certain that life will be totally different post Covid 19. There will be an ocean of changes right from eating habits to travelling and social behaviour to almost major aspects of life. Regarding business, there will be a great increase in online business whereas in the offline sector the credit policy will have a new look. Big brands will have a vast growth than before, and quality products will have a stronger hold than inferior and low priced products. Established firms will see a huge growth while the intermediate companies will suffer and struggle to overcome in months and small companies need to pay double focus and work smart, I recommend to minimize expenses, the stock levels should be maintained well, during this lockdown period check which all the products and brand brought more profits, and make a list of ABCD as A as first and top profit generated product or brand likewise B,C,D..

Focus on profitable as well long time products

DRC: Where do you place India when you see the plight of other countries in fighting Covid 19?

  1. KHAN: The whole world is now focussing on India seeing it as a next investment destination, with better government policies and norms. Many leading companies may shift their operations to India. And the Indian companies will be working on backward integration. Somehow we Indians have gone into a comfort zone due to thereadily available products in abundance from China. But this is the time we Indians need to wake up and concentrate on manufacturing and work on Make in India policy.

DRC: Will India be sharing same trade relations with China and other nations after this pandemic?

  1. KHAN: Post corona era, it’s going to be a new world. China and India may not share the same relationship, because China will be losing many world leading companies who may be shifting their hubs to India.

DRC: Do you also take Lockdown and Social distancing as the only option as of now? Any other measure that you can suggest?

  1. KHAN: Yes. We are now facing a life threatening pandemic and cannot think of anything other than social distancing and lockdown. Besides this, the main aspect of life should be the importance of humanity. Value Humanity the rest will follow. Life has thought us many lessons during this lockdown which we humans fail to follow after that particular phase.

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