Dear all, Due to unavoidable circumstances we would like to inform that our international exhibition – INDIAN RECHARGER XPO—2020, which was planned to be held on 12/13/14, March, 2020, is postponed. The event has been postponed due to the sudden outbreak of coronovirus in China. The epidemic has caused the Indian government to put certain restrictions on the people coming and going to China. Thus keeping the health and current situation in consideration, we have postponed the event till further notice. Regards INDIAN RECHARGER XPO


A candid chatter over tea with Growlam brand’s founder Mr.GauravKhetterpal turned into an amazing conversation about how the company dealt with the year 2020 and what the brand is looking forward to in 2021. Below are the snippets from a candid chat with Indian Recharger Sources, where Mr.Khetterpal have poured his heart out. Read and enjoy.

Divya: Let’s start with the lockdown survival, that’s what all want to listen to. It feels great to see how positively you have marched passed the year 2020…

Gaurav: “I believe lockdown was brutal for everyone and there is no denying to that. Domestic and international markets came down on their knees. There were brands going bankrupt, reports popping up on the news channels of job layoffs etc. But for us what worked was the hard work that we did since our inception in 2015, which eventually got paid off in 2020. Our lamination business aided us to sail through the tough waters. Reading the occurrences and keeping in mind a non performance quarter we came to the conclusion that we have passed the exam and that too with the flying colours.

The profit figures showing up in the sheets don’t lure me anymore. What mattered to me the most was that Growlam didn’t lose a single channel partner despite of the price change, we were able to give 100% salaries to staff, after a shutdown of about 3 months, we firmly bounced back and was fully operational from July onwards. That’s all what I have achieved in 2020″.

Divya: That’s highly appreciable. But I am sure there must have been other demotivating factors as well…

Gaurav: Off course, there were other factors which were not in our favour like the imposition of anti-dumping duty on black toners proved to be a set back as the consequence was a price gap between domestically manufactured and the imported one. This made us to re-think and re-evaluate our policies based on the new laws. But we are in the talkswith new factories overseas and looking forward to overpass this as well.  Not only this, there are other challenges also like companies are now more interested in cash business deals. Those who used to buy in bulk for long periods are now buying in smaller but multiple portions. This has led to a sharp decline in the credit sales. I don’t blame them for the move as the uncertainty of the market has changed the scenario a lot.

Divya: So, do we see amazing products coming our way in 2021…

Gaurav: Yes, definitely we are strenuously working on it and hope to launch it soon this year. We were able to cover up 80% of our target sales last year despite of all of that has happened. So for this year I am keeping myself a lot positive as I am sure that we will be able to reach the targets on time. This was very much clear to me from the day I started that we are never going to compromise on the quality of our products. Each and every product that we offer like laminators, lamination pouches, inkjet photo papers, PVC products, OPC Drum, laser toner cartridges or toner goes through stringent quality check. We are also working on our after sales services as well. I was touched to see how dedicatedly my staff went out despite the danger and didn’t turn off from their duties. 

Apart from this, 2021 will witness the reach of Growlam to the untouched Indian terrains mainly in North-Eastern regions. As of now, we have a strong hold in the northern and eastern areas. Western and Southern areas will be our next target. We are planning to increase our channel partners as well. Time and again we keep launching lucrative offers to motivate them. We are planning to penetrate deep and further widen the spread and reach of our brand. Growlam as an Imaging brand has come a long way and I wish that it further goes bigger and better. And aswe are talking about them I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and thanks them all for being with us in thick and thin. What Growlam is today is all because of the joint efforts of our staff and channel partners. Their trust in us keeps us going.

A little about the brand

GREENLAM OFFICE SOLUTIONS, is one of the leading brand in Office Supplies, and have a selling network in all the major cities in India. They offer a comprehensive range of products that includes Pouch Laminators, Laminating Pouch Film, Inkjet Photo paper, Spiral Binding Machines, PVC products, Imaging products like Cartridges, toner and OPC Drum and many other products. The brand runs under the guidance of Mr.GauravKhetterpal, an MBA from University of Wales UK. The company enjoys a healthy share in the market.

September 2021