Dear all, Due to unavoidable circumstances we would like to inform that our international exhibition – INDIAN RECHARGER XPO—2020, which was planned to be held on 12/13/14, March, 2020, is postponed. The event has been postponed due to the sudden outbreak of coronovirus in China. The epidemic has caused the Indian government to put certain restrictions on the people coming and going to China. Thus keeping the health and current situation in consideration, we have postponed the event till further notice. Regards INDIAN RECHARGER XPO


According to the survey, COVID-19 is having a ‘deep impact’ on Indian businesses, over the coming month’s jobs are at high risk because firms are looking for some reduction in manpower. Further, it is added that already COVID-19 crisis has caused an unprecedented collapse in economic activities over the last few weeks.


I hear partners & friends saying, things shall never be the same like before & negative aftereffects of corona on various parameters shall be huge, to some extent I won’t deny that fact, but what also reminds me is that today the entire world is sailing in the same boat. We all are passing through same situations across the globe. So fear is not to be worried for.

We all know the success story of Japan, every economist around the world had predicted Japan shall never recover from the divested state it had reached post World war 2, but today it’s world’s 3rd largest economy. So we simply don’t need to panic rather stay strong & united.

“DostoJaan hey tohJahan hey” God, doesn’t close one door without getting ready to Open another with bigger & greater things. Recently our PM ShriNarendraModi told us, Initially India did not have enough medical kits for its own but now we have started producing 2 lacs of Masks per day. Many of our friends have started selling masks, sanitizers, medical kit, & thermometer. All these are indeed a new opportunity of business.

As a company, we have tried to be a step ahead even before lockdown. After learning lesson from what was happening in China, we had already implemented the social distancing & equipped our workers with necessary equipment & kits. We have also assured our workers irrespective of their duties they are going to be a part of our families and we are not going to leave them in this difficult time.

As far as the business plans are considered we can surely not blame the government at any said point. As it’s said, “Prevention is better than Cure”, by initiating the lockdown at such an early stage our prime minister, has saved a lot of lives, otherwise with a population of more than 130 billion people it would have been a nightmare.

If we all believe in ourselves, then we will be able to sail through. In fact we should take this time as an opportunity and navigate cautiously to find a concrete solution for our future actions, as we all know Cash Flow Management is going to be the key focus post the offices resumes.

With various new financial packages announced by our FM, I’m sure the SME may get some breather for re-aligning company’s financing strategies. These steps shall help in retaining employment, income and consumption in the country which are the key to survival and growth of any economy.

Finally, would like to assure to all our Principle Suppliers loyal Partners & Distributors that we have seen good times together & now in this difficult time, we want to assure you that we are with you. As JET TEC Family are partners in both good & bad times…


The whole world is dealing with the global pandemic of Corona Virus. Till there is no vaccine, the lockdown would go on and off for some time in various places depending upon the no. of cases and its spread. Corona and social-distancing would become a part of our everyday lives.
Naturally, this pandemic has impacted the world’s economy and is extending its ripple in India too. Businesses and economy in general have suffered as the demand for non-essential goods has come down, consumption is lowered, payments are sluggish, millions of people are laid off and an overall sense of insecurity prevails. It has affected a lot of spheres, tours and travel, hospitality, automobile, manufacturing and others. Its effect has reached the Imaging Industry too and we see an overall decrease in the consumption levels at offices with lowered workforce strength however, a new marketplace, the work from home market is strongly emerging which would bolster the sale of hardware for IT goods. However, it would be more beneficial for the OEM segment and not so much as for the after-market segment.
This newer prospect of work from home would definitely be beneficial as it’s a new marketplace, but the decrease in business due to the pandemic would be more, so overall, it would be reduced businesses after the pandemic.


The situation is really bad. We are not receiving payments from market but we are liable to pay to our partners abroad, vendors in India and of course our staff. Things are going nasty but we all have to bear as the whole nation is suffering. Opening the lockdown with certain conditions will allow the work flow once again. Government has to come up with a more practical strategy to avoid economic breakdown. For this we cannot blame the government alone as when we look at the plight of countries like USA, China etc. we can understand why lockdown is necessary. And with a population of more than 135 millions of people you can’t take chances.


Whenever relatives or friends visit us they give a few lessons and learnings leaving behind good or bad moments which we can recall any time. Similarly the uninvited visitors who have visited our planet now are teaching many lessons which we never dreamt about. One of the important knock out point we all should focus is the kind of organisation or a company, built by us in the past 10, 20 or 30 years cannot take care of us for even two to three months. The way we get tensed to arrange salaries, rent, and taxes during this lockdown is becoming a challenge. We have to make our firms in such a way that they can withstand any calamity, equipped with ample cash reserves and run the show for at least one quarter of the year. I am of the opinion that imaging industry will be in the recovery mode much faster than any other industry because these are the consumable products must for office use. It is for sure offices will soon start working and all the homework have to be printed and presented. The government departments which are the larger consumers generate big possibilities for our industry. The banks started working within a few days of lockdown and hence the need for office consumables especially for toners is always there.


First I would like to say that things have off course turned a little messy for every sector not only ours. We have abundance of stock that will keep us going for next 4/5 months. Financial transactions have decreased but we have not let our staff suffer due to this. We have successfully started work from home (WFH) with most of our staff, issued health advisories on social distancing, hygiene and how to cope up with the pandemic. Let’s all hope for a speedy economic recovery as there is a major population who is suffering beyond our imagination. Also I strongly recommend that government should come with certain relaxation programmes for SME’s as well. There has to be at least 3 months of tax relaxation, though Indian government was pretty active from the start and many relaxations on tax filling dates and loans have been already provided.


COVID-19! is the new disease, declared pandemic by the WHO. On 30th January India reported its first case of COVID-19 in Kerala there were no significant rises in cases seen in the rest of February however on March 4th, 22 new cases came to light, which led the government of India to decide and opt for a complete lock down including all states and union territories On 22nd, March for a period of 21 days. The lockdown was further extended in second phase and third phase.

There have been pandemics in the past century which have destroyed the world population, and created havoc’s. Like the Spanish flu of 1918, mistakes are best learned from the past, and there are two solutions when an outbreak of this level hits the globe, and spreads like wildfire. One of the solution is tracing patients infected by the virus, a very effective method applied by the South Korean government, but this method proved to be ineffective when considering countries with higher population like India.

The only other solution against an outbreak like this is quarantine or isolation, maintaining social distancing in a country like India can be very difficult, due to the rich culture and mass gathering festivals that happen more frequently than any other country in the world. In my opinion it is very important to maintain social distancing and continue the lock down to avoid any chances of getting infected. I understand the economy is vastly affected due to the lock down imposed, people are suffering from mental health problems and financial losses due to the lock down, Yet we need to understand that the only solution to fight against this horrification disaster is to follow all the norms imposed by the government for a lock down, According to a study if India did not opt for a log down between 24th, March to 14th, April we would have witnessed a surge of near about 31,000 cases, Where in due to the lock down there were only 11,000 cases reported till 14 April.

There are two sides to every story, and I am no expert in suggesting whether the lock down should continue or not, the only thing that I can suggest from my point of view is to be as productive as possible maintain a good healthy fit lifestyle, learn new things, get in touch with families and friends through social media and make the most of what we have right now.


There is no denying to the fact that market has come to a standstill due to Covid-19. There is literally no work, but the major issue is that we don’t see it coming the future as well. Like the relief fund given to the real estate sector there could have been something for imaging industry as well from the government. Though few unions of imaging aftermarket are working towards listing the imaging products into essential IT products list, but as of now we can only hope for all this to get over and may we all start working soon.


As we all know that the whole country is dealing with this covid-19 pandemic and it is not easy for any of us. Due to lockdown we are also facing financial crunch. As the India is shut, there is no source of income, let away talking about the profits. Feeling the burnt government has now decided to remove lock down with restrictions. The move will help us to bring back the life and business on track.

The only way I see is that we have to slowly and steadily move forward keeping in mind the restrictions Laid by the government. We all have to collectively pray to god that things go back to normal soon, and we all get busy in our business as we all used to. Techno imaging solution is lucky to get support from you all and wish for the same in future as well. The office of Techno imaging solution has been Opened once again. We request you all to place orders and we will be more than happy to help you.


This is surely a very difficult time, I must say. Not only for our industry but for the whole economy. As far as the impact is considered it would be seen for at least half of the year. Resuming back from the lockdown will not work overnight. Various measures taken by the government like 20 lakh crore relief package will only work if it gets dispersed as stated.

A lot of companies, especially IT companies have started work from home, but that is not possible with our industry.

It will take time for everybody to make peace with WFH culture the new normal. Also as stated by different news channels corona virus is here to stay, so we have to mould and develop our business in a way that we stay prepared for future and any other calamities like this. Small vendors are in stress too. Either they have products stocked up which are lying useless due to zero sales or some of them are worrying as they are out of stock. I wish the situation comes back to normal soon.


See, even if lockdown gets lifted, industry will need at least 3 months further to stabilise, not to say bounce back. I beleive that at this moment all the retailers will be stocked up by the march purchases that had been made to meet demands from Government departments. We need to understand that this is indeed a very crucial time, people are more keen on working from home, then how do you imagine that any department or industry where cartridges were used will be eager to spend on paper or toner cartridges. I think days for our industry are going to be very struggling. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best


In my view lockdown is absolutely in essential during the lockdown the cases in Mumbai have crossed 16466, can you even think what will happen once the lockdown gets over. As far as the imports are considered we have products coming from China but there is little that we can do. There is not much that we can do, we can just wait and watch.

Transport plays a very important role in our industry. Once the transport reopens it will become easier for us.
Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best


Indian imaging market is facing severe crisis is all what i can say right now. The covid19 pandemic have had an extremlystressfull impact on the economy. People are losing jobs, brands are going bankrupt, there is just no business as of now. The new 20 lakh crore relief package from the government will surely help revive a lot of things. But I would like to tell you that in this difficult time also Goel Imports have not laid off a single employee. We are doing as much as we can for them.Vendors on Pan India are stressed too. Let us hope that the lockdown gets over after 17th, May with restrictions off course. We have to understand that it is not going to be smooth even if the lockdown gets lifted. We have to learn to live with Corona, protect ourselves and our business to stay long run in future.


What I feel is that there is a lot that can be done by the government like tax breaks, deductions, and waivers and so on. It’s not rocket science to understand that business creates employment. A limping business can’t help others and vice versa. Still I would like to mention to you that Itone has not laid off a single employee post lockdown. Their salaries are reaching them on time. Still anything from the government that increases the cash flow will be appreciated. This is not a regular business obstacle, companies can’t be prepared for such scenarios in advance. Only the ones which are quality oriented can fight the tide, rest others will suffer. I believe that once the lockdown gets over and logistics/transport companies come back on track our industry will also bounce back.

September 2021