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New compatible copier toner from Utec

New compatible copier toner from Utec

The company has announced the availability of new 1kg bags of compatible monochrome copier toner powder.

Utec describes this compatible copier toner as having “high compatibility”, a “high transfer rate” and as being easy to use and to store.

The announced compatible toner is for use in Ricoh MP1610L/MP1610LD/MP1800/MP1801/MP1801L/MP1801LD/MP20007 A1060/A1075/A2051/A2060/A2075/MP5500/6500/7500/MP6000/7000/8000/MP6001/7001/8001/9001/MP6002/7502 and 9002 devices.

Also announced was copier toner for use in Ricoh MP1350/8135/LD1135/1100/1356/1357/1359/MP9000/8001/PRO906 and 907 devices.

Finally, launched was compatible toner for use in XEROX DC4110/4112/4127/4595/1100/700 and 6000 devices.

September 2021