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LD Products launches business inkjet cartridges

LD Products launches business inkjet cartridges

LD Products Channel Partner Division announced the release of the HP business ink series to its GOLD Line series.

The HP 970XL and 971XL are the first of several launches to come soon for the HP business knk series under the LD GOLD Line Brand, the company said.

Since adding the 970XL and 971XL to its Gold Line series the company received positive reviews from its current dealers who have been testing the series in the field.

“Over the past two years that we have been working on this Inkjet family, we have tested most of our competitors’ products and found them to be lacking in comparison to the OEM ink formulation and how it interacts with the print head,” stated Matt Daniel, VP Product Development.

“Typically, aftermarket ink formations can dry inside the print head leading to “voids” (missing areas down the page) requiring customers or dealer technicians to perform multiple cleaning cycles to unclog print heads (which wastes more ink!), or in many cases replace the print head or the device.  Our product is engineered and has been tested to the same exacting standards as the rest of our GOLD Line series of Toner cartridges, so if you are unsatisfied with our competitors’ products, but you still want to make savings over OEM prices, we think you’ll be very pleased with the performance of our 970/971 series.”

September 2021