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It’s high time that Print ON spread its wings on PAN India basis.

It’s high time that Print ON spread its wings on PAN India basis.

In a candid conversation with Divya Roy Choudhury, Tanvi Sanghvi, Partner, PrintON shares the current and future plans of PrintON.

DRC : What all are the recent solution offerings by PrintON?

Tanvi : We provide Printing Solutions like Manage Print Solution for office level printing and Variable Data Printing Services for bulk printing requirements in-house as well as at customer’s premises. Apart from this we have recently started to supply of Raw Materials such as MICR Toner, OPC Drums, upper and lower fuser roller for HP 9000 series printers.

DRC : What future trends and scope you foresee in this segment?

Tanvi : According to me the future trends and scope are pretty good. These days I encounter a lot of printing units that are worried since printing activity is reducing. I agree that the cheque printing as well as the VDP has reduced because of advancement of technology and paper less communication. But being an optimist I take it to be a wrong perception and in my view the scope is still good and may increase. I see it because though most of the communications are online and the fear of VDP getting reduced is wrong because our GDP is growing and Indian business industry is growing fast and there are more and more business openings and the scope for VDP will get increase in future.
For the raw materials the demand keeps growing due to the increase in number of players in re-manufacturing and refill segment.

DRC : Are you planning to enhance your production capacity so as to meet the ever growing customer demand?

Tanvi : Definitely, PrintON’s motto is to meet the customer requirements and I am fully prepared to enhance the production capacity in VDP segment with respect to the advancement of business. For the supply of raw material the question of production capacity won’t arise since we just buy and sell it as per the requirements of our customers. There the capacity will definitely increase with the growing demands.

DRC : What all technological advancements are incorporated in the new range of your products to further intensify the users’ experience?

Tanvi : It’s obvious that we have adopted and go along with the advancement of technologies for all new products coming up and we are with that. As far users experiences are considered they are looking at first quality and then cost and I am sure that PrintON is meeting the customer’s requirements.

DRC : What kind of initiatives are you taking to further strengthen the business and for broadening delivery systems?

Tanvi : PrintON has taken several new initiatives to strengthen the business. At present I am focusing on Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. With the course of time i definitely see PrintON emerging as a PAN India giant.

DRC : What all are your target verticals? How are you looking at SME segment?

Tanvi : Target verticals are corporate, banking, insurance and offices. Presently my firm falls under MSME segment.

DRC : How do you ensure enhanced business and revenue growth which further provides better scalability?

Tanvi : The competition is too high and the price has dropped, accordingly the margin is squeezed as compared to few years back. Since the potential is good I am planning to market my products with a strategical approach to enhance the business. When the business grows the revenue also grow correspondingly.

DRC : What are some of the top priorities for the company in 2017?

Tanvi : As of now the top most priority is to expand our business on PAN India basis.

DRC : How do you ensure quality in all your products? Is there any in-house R&D facility to ensure quality control at every step?

Tanvi : As far as the VDP is concerned we do have a quality testing procedure and parameters. At the time I don’t require an in-house quality control R&D facility because I make sure products are tested through standard parameters. When trading of raw materials is concerned we don’t manufacture it in India but we make sure that we take quality certificate from the vendors.

DRC : What are your immediate plans for upcountry market, and how are you expanding it?

Tanvi : PrintON has already started exploring the upcountry market and we got number of enquiries as well.

DRC : How is the PrintON positioned currently and what kind of market share do you anticipate in future?

Tanvi : The market position of PrintON is very much strong. Keeping this in mind, I am anticipating a good market share in the future.

September 2021