Dear all, Due to unavoidable circumstances we would like to inform that our international exhibition – INDIAN RECHARGER XPO—2020, which was planned to be held on 12/13/14, March, 2020, is postponed. The event has been postponed due to the sudden outbreak of coronovirus in China. The epidemic has caused the Indian government to put certain restrictions on the people coming and going to China. Thus keeping the health and current situation in consideration, we have postponed the event till further notice. Regards INDIAN RECHARGER XPO
Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Imaging After Market

Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Imaging After Market

This is surely a very difficult time, I must say. Not only for our industry but for the whole economy. As far as the impact is considered it would be seen for at least half of the year. Resuming back from the lockdown will not work overnight.

A lot of companies, especially IT companies have started work from home, but that is not possible with our industry.

It will take time for everybody to make peace with WFH culture the new normal. Also as stated by different news channels corona virus  is here to stay, so we have to mould and develop our business in a way that we stay prepared for future and any  other calamities like this. Small vendors are in stress too. Either they have products stocked up which are lying useless due to zero sales or some of them are worrying as they are out of stock. I wish the situation comes back to normal soon.

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