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Greenlam Plans to add complete range of Inks and toners for Laser Toner Cartridges & Copiers this year

Greenlam Plans to add complete range of Inks and toners for Laser Toner Cartridges & Copiers this year

In conversation with Divya Roy Chaudhury, Gaurav Khetterpal, CEO, Greenlam Office Solutions comes up with the New Year expansion plans of the company.

1. What all are the recent solution offerings by Company?

Greenlam is one of the fastest growing brands in Office Supplies and have a sales network in most of the cities. Our company ” Greenlam Office Solutions” is catering to the B2B segment providing them products such as Lamination Machines and Pouch Film of various sizes, Spiral Binding Machines and Sheets, Inkjet Photopaper, PVC Dragon Sheet, Laser Toner Cartridges and Consumables and many more. We are focused on providing the best quality to our customer at affordable prices.

2. What future trends and scope you foresee in this segment?

The future trend looks very positive and I see a lot of opportunities for growing business. We shall provide complete solution and introduce more products to attract more number of customers. We are expecting that GST will be a positive move once it comes into force. It will introduce uniform taxation and will make doing business easy across state boundaries.

3. Are you planning to enhance your production capacity so as to meet the ever growing customer demand?

We are having a good annual growth rate at the moment. We are planning to add complete range of Inks and toners for Laser Toner Cartridges & Copiers and economic lamination products range this year. This will help us to increase our customer database.

4. What kind of initiatives are you taking to further strengthen the business and for broadening delivery systems?

The foremost requirement for a successful business is Customer Satisfaction. We have created Management systems in our company based on Amazon model, in which it is ensured that the products when ordered is dispatched on time and delivered within the prescribed period. We keep a track on the order and ensure timely delivery to our customer.

5. What all are your target verticals? How are you looking at SME segment?

India is a growing market with a huge potential for Office Supplies. We will be focusing more on Inks and Cartridges for Laser Toner and Copiers as the scope of market is enormous. SMEs are growing at a faster pace in India. We are targeting small and medium enterprises especially in tier 2 cities where there is a huge scope of selling our products and increase business. Our R&D team is always in search of new innovative products which can create more brand value and attract more customers.

6. How do you ensure enhanced business and revenue growth which further provides better scalability?

As I said earlier, one of the way to increase the revenue is by introducing more products and increase our customer database. Customers should be able to get all the products they need under one roof, with best quality and affordable price, which will make them more loyal to the brand. Also, every company should develop a strategy in which the brand should be in the spotlight and attract the audience. The use of print media and social media is equally important. We have been promoting “Greenlam” through various magazines and newspapers which has the maximum reach all over India. We have been participating in many exhibitions for our brand promotion to meet prospective clients. Apart from that, social networking has also become an integral part of marketing to reach the customer.

7. How do you ensure quality in all your products? Is there any in-house R&D facility to ensure quality control at every step?

As our tag line suggest “Satisfaction Guaranteed“, we choose the products which have been thoroughly tested, inspected and are sourced from reliable factories abroad. Our complete line of office products that combine are of highest quality level with consistent and reliable performance and competitive pricing – making them an excellent value. We assure that our products are flawless and are in compliance with the norms defined by the industry.

8. What kind of challenges are you facing these days and what are the remedies you have adopted for such challenges? Till what extent those remedies have proved to be fruitful?

The most common challenge any business has today is price competition. No matter what price you offer, the customer always compare it to other brands and ask for price negotiation. But they don’t analyse the difference in the quality on which the price is based. Our Company policy is very clear, no matter what, the quality shall always remain our top most priority. We explain to our customers about the USP of our products when they sell to overcome the price issue with the end customer. Also, we have recently introduced a uniform price structure all over India, for all our products, which gives better clarity to the customers.

9. How is the company positioned currently and what kind of market share do you anticipate in future?

“Greenlam” is like the new kid on the block which is taking baby steps to reach the goal that is to be the market leader in our segment in the next 5 years, providing our customers the best quality at affordable price. The company plans to spread its network across India covering all the cities and its states to feed the local markets through its channel partners. We will be introducing many more products in the near future, which will give much more value to our distributors and customer satisfaction to the end user.

We credit our success in business, due to our sense of gratitude, integrity and supporting our channel partners.

September 2021