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Seiko Epson Corporation has published the “Epson Integrated Report 2018,” which is now available on the company’s corporate website.

Investors, shareholders and other stakeholders are increasingly evaluating companies on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, with integrated reports now a popular means for companies to communicate about this information. Such stakeholders will use the information to assess the company’s sustainability as an enterprise and will look at quantitative financial information and information about operations and strategies to analyse future growth prospects.

Epson will use the Integrated Report as a tool for communicating with stakeholders to foster greater understanding of the company’s activities and promote constructive dialog.

The A4-size and 76-page report is broadly divided into four parts. This fiscal year, says Epson, “we have added new content, including a message regarding financial strategies and financial soundness from Seiko Epson’s director of finance and a feature (“Products and Services Benefiting the Environment”). The report also describes the links between Epson’s key CSR themes and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Amendments to Epson’s Environmental Vision 2050 are also covered.”

The report includes:

1.Epson’s reasons for being and strategic direction
Management Philosophy, Principles of Corporate Behaviour, a History of Value Creation, Key CSR Themes and the SDGs*, the Value Creation Story, Message from the President, Message from the Director of Finance*

2.Growth Strategy
Features*and value creation strategy

3.Business infrastructure and sustainability
Value creation infrastructure (environment*, social, governance)

4.Quantitative corporate data
Financial trends, Group profile, shareholder and share information

September 2021