Dear all, Due to unavoidable circumstances we would like to inform that our international exhibition – INDIAN RECHARGER XPO—2020, which was planned to be held on 12/13/14, March, 2020, is postponed. The event has been postponed due to the sudden outbreak of coronovirus in China. The epidemic has caused the Indian government to put certain restrictions on the people coming and going to China. Thus keeping the health and current situation in consideration, we have postponed the event till further notice. Regards INDIAN RECHARGER XPO


Recently, Divya Roy Choudhury from Indian Recharger Sources had an opportunity to visit one of the most trusted printer consumables giant, SUMANGLAM INTERNATIONAL. It was a truly enlightening day with veteran Mr. Sharad Midha, Managing Director of Sumanglam International. Below are some of the synopses of the day –
Blood was rushing hard and high as I was about to interview one of the most experienced and talked about personality of the printing recycling industry, Mr. Sharad Midha. So, I accumulated all my senses and finally reached Sumanglam’s head office at Ranjeet Nagar, New Delhi.
After the formal interaction we came to the point of discussion which was off course the conception, emergence and survival saga of the company.

DRC: Shall we start Mr. Midha, I am all ears…

SM : I conceived the idea of Sumanglam around 1995 and the company got established in 1996. I still remember how passionate I used to be in those early years. I think i am still very passionate about the company especially about the quality that we deliver in the market. I firmly believe that it is not the name of the company that sells product rather the quality of your products that sells the name of the company. I am so grateful that people today consider Sumanglam as one of the most trusted printer consumable partner. The company markets its range by its own brand “Odyssey”. We are the authorized distributors of TTI toners and exclusive distributers of HANP. Today Sumanglam International is one of the prominent and leading names when it comes to printing recycling industry.
We have tried to cover all the prominent service areas and we are known as reliable and dependable importers, wholesalers and distributors of a wide range of Printer & Photocopier Accessories and Lamination Machines. We offer complete range of Imaging Products that includes High Quality Mono and Color Toner, Wiper and doctor blades, Laser and photocopier toner powder, compatible inkjet cartridge, fuser films, lamination machines, hot lamination pouches, Glossy paper products brand in “Odymate”. It is a strong force both in OEM supply and brand marketing segments. Our products are blend of unmatchable quality with affordability and on time delivery.

DRC: There are plethora of brands in market, any special reason for choosing Odyssey…

SM : There is a very interesting story behind this which hails back to my younger days. Those days I used a brief case of VIP Company with an odyssey mark. Being a senior manager with a reputed organization, I believed that brief case gave me a lot of success and new opportunities. That is why I chose it for Sumanglam and to my wonder it worked for me here as well. Today we are one of the top players of the industry.

DRC: You look satisfied with the development of the company…

SM : To be frank, I will never be satisfied. See I am not in any kind of race of being number one in the market; it is just that I want people to take Sumangalam’s name with trust and utmost pride. That is all what I want. To reach where we are standing today was not at all an easy task. The company has come to such a long way with sincere hard work by keeping devotion towards the customer’s needs. The refilling market is facing stiff competition but by marinating quality, the company has managed to stay on top since years now. I have said this earlier and I am repeating this yet again that our customers’ indubitable trust is our USP and I will never break my customers’ trust.

DRC: So quality is the thing that seems to be of utmost important for you…

SM : Definitely, on top of my list. We at Sumangalam make sure that the products are tested on several quality parameters at the time of their procurement so that these confirm to the national and international quality standards. We have maintained strong relationship with our vendors. The products designed by Sumanglam are durable and qualitative. Our in house R&D department makes sure that products are up to the mark before they leave the store house and land in customer’s hands. Look this we need to understand that the customer that is buying the product from us has shown it’s trust in us, so it is our duty to maintain his trust and not let him down at any of the parameters. I think this is the major reason that Sumangalam enjoys 20% of market share in printer consumables market.

DRC: What future trends and scope you foresee in this segment?

SM : I will reply to this question very honestly. We all know that we are heading towards a digital India. Consumption of Paper has reduced remarkably. So according to me the market will not improve. Let’s say that if we used to enjoy 10-15%, it will come down to 5%. Every now and then, technology gets updated and with each update there is less consumption of paper. Offices are actually going on a paper free environment. So yes for me it’s a sure shot decline in the industry.

DRC: Just last one, any comment on the GST thing…

SM : I have no issues with this new reform. In fact I strongly believe it to be a very bold step form Modi government and we are all on for it. One nation one tax, what can be better than this? Having said that I would like to add that it is natural with every new reform to take some time to get into our blood but once we will accept and execute it, there will be no problem at all. I feel that now a true businessman will enjoy more and people who were indulged in malpractices like under billing will face the heat. So they are left with two clear cut options, either adapt with the new billing system of India or Quit. It would be easier for people to select good and fair buyers. Buyers have six months time period for paying GST, otherwise the seller has to pay GST.

September 2021