Aryan Trade World Pvt. Ltd. is a brand that needs no introduction. Indian Recharger many a times have mentioned about the expertise and zeal they show towards their customers and their work. Though the company is run by two thorough professionals Aryan and Tanya, this article is all about the unsung hero of Aryan’s stupendous success as a brand in the past few years which is none other than, MS. TANYA GOEL, Vice-President of the company.

During Indian Recharger XPO, 2017, I was just scrolling up in the venue, when amidst all I noticed a girl full of life and enthu in the biggest booth booked by any company in that year. I would not lie but my prejudices let me to a conclusion of assuming her to be another baby to be a born with silver spoon in her mouth. But those 15 minutes that I spent with her after formal greetings, proved me wrong.

She turned out to be an excellent astute with enormous knowledge of imaging industry. What astonished me most was her brilliant marketing strategy to lure customers. This made me curious and I really wanted to know more about her. So my curiosity made me a mumbaiya James Bond and after a little investigation, I was nothing but just Impressed. ATW got established in 2010 and since then there have been infinite ups and downs company has gone through. She is an MBA in Marketing and along with that she holds a PG Diploma in Luxury Brand and Art Management. Her passion has landed up her with Business Women of the Year and Young Generation award. Her talent knows no impediments and way she has marked a niche for herself and ATW is just commendable. Few of her innovative marketing strategies that have brought commendable results for ATW are –

  • Aryan Gold scheme
  • Quarterly rebate scheme
  • “It’s raining silver” scheme

ATW’s presence in the nook and corner of India is a result of Tanya’s farsightedness and out of the box marketing tools.  ATW is the national authorized distributor of world renowned brands like TTI, Golden Green and Print King.  Kudos to you Tanya,  from Indian Recharger Team. See you soon in Mumbai on 7th, 8th and 9th March, 2019.


Seiko Epson Corporation has published the “Epson Integrated Report 2018,” which is now available on the company’s corporate website.

Investors, shareholders and other stakeholders are increasingly evaluating companies on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, with integrated reports now a popular means for companies to communicate about this information. Such stakeholders will use the information to assess the company’s sustainability as an enterprise and will look at quantitative financial information and information about operations and strategies to analyse future growth prospects.

Epson will use the Integrated Report as a tool for communicating with stakeholders to foster greater understanding of the company’s activities and promote constructive dialog.

The A4-size and 76-page report is broadly divided into four parts. This fiscal year, says Epson, “we have added new content, including a message regarding financial strategies and financial soundness from Seiko Epson’s director of finance and a feature (“Products and Services Benefiting the Environment”). The report also describes the links between Epson’s key CSR themes and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Amendments to Epson’s Environmental Vision 2050 are also covered.”

The report includes:

1.Epson’s reasons for being and strategic direction
Management Philosophy, Principles of Corporate Behaviour, a History of Value Creation, Key CSR Themes and the SDGs*, the Value Creation Story, Message from the President, Message from the Director of Finance*

2.Growth Strategy
Features*and value creation strategy

3.Business infrastructure and sustainability
Value creation infrastructure (environment*, social, governance)

4.Quantitative corporate data
Financial trends, Group profile, shareholder and share information


Epson introduces three new mono EcoTank ink tank system printers, which are efficient models for business. These devices, t1QsGL7iAz1qmcJmEB9nR1KyiAUnyxS1LAL, with a user-friendly and compact design, bring high reliability and minimal user intervention for customers ranging from corporate to healthcare, small offices, home offices and more. They feature an extremely low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Seven additional models are expected to be launched in the near future to address the needs of a wider range of customers. These models will feature include PCL and GDI printer languages, Automatic Document Feeder, double-sided printing, 4-in-1 functionality, Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, print speeds of up to 20ppm and ink yields of up to 11,000 pages.


Konica Minolta Business Solutions has recently installed the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL S at the Bengaluru-based digital printing firm, Futura Infinite. Commenting on the installation, Mr. Deepak Boggaram, Director, Futura Infinite, Bangalore, said, “The cutting-edge printing capabilities of the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS and IFOIL S offer advanced and seamless functionalities that have enabled us to carry out a whole new range of high-quality printing jobs. Moreover, the machine’s innovative 3D spot coating and hot foil stamping features have added considerably to our overall efficiency in specialized printing jobs, while its high output has augmented our productivity to a great extent. We are indeed thankful to Konica Minolta for its support during and after the installation process of the machine which enabled us to get the equipment up and running in no time.”

The JETVARNISH 3D and IFOIL S printer utilizes MGI’s patented inkjet and hot foil stamping technology to provide digital spot UV coating in plain 2D and 3D (with thickness of up to 200 microns) and embossed foil textured effects in one pass. The digital spot UV coating process is 100% variable data capable, with barcode reader options that enable custom spot varnished prints with unique graphics, text, and numeric data. With the new varnish formula in combination with the Konica Minolta print heads, users can create a 3D effect on laminated surfaces or on toner directly. The digitization of the spot UV finishing allows printing businesses to take a few sheets from each job and spot UV coat it to produce sellable proofs, enabling customers to see, touch and feel the effect with various types of printing jobs.

Mr. Vijay Kamat, National Product Manager – Industrial Print, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, said, “We are committed to identifying appropriate solutions to match our clients’ printing requirements and delivering the best-in-class printing technology to help them augment their production capabilities. We also provide them complete support throughout; to ensure seamless and sustainable production by helping them capitalize on the technology to grow and scale their business, enhance their productivity, and increase their profitability. We are extremely glad with the positive response from Futura Infinite, and are looking to help more printing businesses across the country with our innovative range of printing solutions.”


Xerox India has appointed Vineet Gehani as Director of Technology and Channels. Vineet, who joins Xerox from HP, will help the brand drive further growth in the Indian and South Asian markets with an increased focus on expanding Xerox’s technology availability across the channel. Vineet will lead the channel sales team in India and South Asia, helping drive profitability for all Xerox products and services – such as office equipment, production printing equipment, channel managed print services and solutions, consumables and paper – as well as focus on strategic partner development and expanding Xerox’s go-to-market network.

“Xerox is one of the most well-known and trusted business solution providers in the market. I look forward to building a stronger channel partner network and to find new ways to deliver more value and support to the company in its strategic growth,” Vineet Gehani, Director, Technology and Channels, Xerox India.

“We are excited to have Vineet lead our technology and channels business in India. He brings with him rich professional experience of over 21 years in varied go-to-market and product management roles across diverse industries. We are certain his experience in helping technology companies accelerate their growth will be invaluable to Xerox. With his deep understanding of the channel ecosystem as well as the technology industry, we trust our business in India will reach greater heights and newer markets,” said Raj Kumar Rishi, Managing Director, Xerox India.


Epson has launched two all-new integrated EcoTank printers, with the new L3110 and L3150 replacing the earlier L380 and L405 models. The new models possess an integrated ink tank in a compact size, with each set of ink bottles providing a page yield of 4,500 black prints and 7,500 colour prints. The machines also promise “spill-free and error-free refilling, with ink bottles that have unique nozzles that fit into their respective tanks only.” They also boast a smaller footprint compared to their predecessors. The machines will also print at a resolution of 5760 dpi, delivering “exceptionally high-quality” prints.

“In India, Ink tank printers have always been synonymous with the brand Epson,” said Epson India’s General Manager for Inkjet Printers, Siva Kumar. “We have changed the dynamics of the printing market completely with our revolutionary printers. EcoTank now defines the next level of low-cost printing. With 20 EcoTank printer models that cater to Home, Office & Commercial applications, our range of monochrome and colour printers is unmatched. Epson’s EcoTank printers also offer a better alternative to laser and cartridge printers in terms of lower overall total cost of ownership, savings in energy consumption and reduced impact on the environment.”

The latest replacement chips from Apex

The company has unveiled its latest releases, comprising replacement chips for use in various Sharp machines.

The first-to-market replacement chips are SoC design, and offer “consistent performance,” according to Apex, as well as being “easy to install in recycled cartridges.”

They are available for use in the Sharp MX-B355W/B455W/MX-B350P/MX-B450P/MX-B350W/MX-B450W, compatible with black cartridges and with a page yield of 30,000 pages. Replacement chips for drum units compatible with the same printers have also been released, with a page yield of 100,000 pages.

The Sharp models were released in March of this year, and boast “all the speed and efficiency you’d expect from a larger device, but small enough to be used wherever you need,” according to Apex.

New remanufactured cartridges from CIG

Clover Imaging Group has unveiled its latest release in the United States, for use with various HP printers.

The high-yield remanufactured cartridges are available in all four CMYK colours, and offer a page yield of 3,200 pages in black or 2,500 in CMY.

They are for use with HP’s Colour LaserJet Pro M254DW and Colour LaserJet Pro MFP M281FDW.

Consumers “outraged” over printer ink prices

A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports has revealed that the price of printer ink is the most prominent bugbear among printer owners.

Consumer Reports has been explaining the reasons behind this phenomenon, as KOTA TV reports.

“There’s a lot of science and engineering behind printing; and it all has to work together seamlessly,” a Consumer Reports printer expert, said. “Consumers expect a push button experience and that’s what they try to deliver.”

Consumer Reports went on to explain that printer manufacturers “sell the printer cheaply, but can charge more for the ink and toner”. However, once purchased, “most consumers aren’t even getting what they paid for” as “more than half of the ink you buy never winds up on the page!”

Inkjet printers are a prime culprit it seems, with CR explaining that these models “tend to use up more ink than other types of printers because they have to do a maintenance cycle.”

As a result, CR advises looking into reservoir inkjet printers as their refills “can last up to two years”. Consumer Reports also advises not focusing on low prices when printer shopping as it is more important to take into consideration “the price of a printer over time”.

Konica Minolta CEO pens New Year’s message

The company’s President and CEO, Shoei Yamana, has issued the following New Year’s greeting.

Yamana writes,

“A Happy New Year to you all.

The business environment in 2018 was fraught with huge uncertainties, particularly the natural disasters that caused serious damage to Japan and the U.S.-China trade dispute that has been shaking up the global economy. In 2019, we remain cautious about the geopolitical risks, including the escalation of trade friction and the political uncertainty in Europe due to Brexit and other factors. This will be a historical milestone year for Japan, with the introduction of the new era name for the change of Emperor, the consumption tax hike, and accelerated development of social infrastructure for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games.”

He went on, “At the same time, the rapid advancement of information and digital technologies is leading the world toward a major transition. The situation of competition among companies, including Konica Minolta, has been changing dramatically and all industries are seeking innovation. While there has been much talk about innovation, especially in digital technologies, such as AI, robotics, and IoT, what is truly required is not innovation in technology, but innovation in value. We should be able to create new value from technical innovation and then leverage that value to fulfill our corporate responsibility to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of society.

As a digital company with insight into implicit challenges, Konica Minolta is striving to lead the social reform by seizing the opportunities brought by this turbulent period. The progress we made last year includes the global launch of Workplace Hub, a new service that combines the MFP business with high-performance servers and IT service to assist small- and medium-sized businesses in transforming the way they work, starting from eight countries in Europe and the U.S., and the establishment of a new domestic company for full-scale provision of precision medicine services tailored to the individual needs of patients with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among others, in Japan.”

Yamana continued, “Maintaining the ability to manufacture high-quality products, collecting valuable data in various fields, applying state-of-the-art technologies to analysis and visualisation, identifying a wide variety of customer values, improving our proprietary technologies, combining our products and services with cutting-edge digital technologies, and exploring markets through an open ecosystem approach – all these endeavours hold the key to creating new businesses in the future, and one of the most critical factors for success is human resources. More than 40,000 Konica Minolta members around the world are required to improve their individual skills to maximise performance, and openly connect with external companies and people, including customers, suppliers and business partners, instead of restricting themselves within the Konica Minolta Group.

We are determined to continue group-wide efforts to achieve the goals of our Medium Term Business Plan “SHINKA 2019” and also the goals set for fiscal 2021, so that we can continue growing as a global company.”

He concluded, “Lastly, I offer my sincere wishes for your good health and happiness, and would greatly appreciate your continued support for the Konica Minolta Group in 2019.”