Jet Technologies is one of the prominent names in Indian imaging after market. Indian Recharger recently got the opportunity to have a word with the owner, Mr. Deepesh Patel, where he put across his views about the changing business strategies in Covid era.


DEEPESH – As they were for the whole nation. In wildest of my dreams I never thought that printing and after market industry will see such sharp decline. But as they say when there is a will there is a way. Work from home and school from home have kept the balls rolling. If we saw a sharp decline in office printing, home printing came around to be the saviour. Printers, inks, toners were earlier supposed to be as office stationery but the Covid-19 adaptations have made printers and printing accessories a must for home as well.


DEEPESH – We have made a lot of changes in our business structure post Covid pandemic. Things are not as they were earlier. Dealers now ask for longer credit period, which off course we are happy to give as they have stick with us in thick and thin. Earlier we used to huge bulk enquires but now people have become cautious and they are ordering a smaller quantity. So, we have changed our packaging and bought a lot of new smaller packs. 


DEEPESH – We are currently dealing in Laser printers, inkjet printers and Plotters.


DEEPESH – See I highly believe that future is a mystery and we should take it as it comes. Did any of us has thought that market would crash so badly. However by saying that I don’t mean that we should not have any planning. I meet a lot of people who ask me about the digital India taking shape which means lesser paper work and Covid has for sure fuelled the process. But with this I also feel that though India is moving towards digitization, there is and will always be need felt for printing. Once the things get normal and India opens up with full attendance the demandfor printing will bounce back. Banks, Schools, organisations are few of the sectors that will always keep stirring the demand  related to printing. Moreover the quality that we offer is here to stay and conquer the market.


DEEPESH – Off course, I believe that every new day is a new opportunity to grow. What’s the point of waking up then if we are not able enough to add in the existing performance of the company? As everybody knows that we run two major business units representing our entire product cycle, namely UV Infotech&PrintZone; to serve customers from every possible corner. UV Infotech deals with inks, toner cartridges, photo papers CIS system.


DEEPESH – Quality is the soul of our products. Be it Jet Technologies or UV InfoTech there has never been nor there will be ever a single compromise in terms of quality. Each and every product have to go through several safety and quality checks by our professional R&D team before reaching out to the customers. Jet Technologies continuously sticks to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer Supremacy”, and sincerely wishes to base on the perfect quality, reasonable price and qualified service to cooperate with more knowledgeable people for more brilliant future.     


DEEPESH – Well competition is a sign of growing and lucrative market. No competition no soul in business. Competition is not only about planning the downfall of others; it’s more like learning from your competitors. We are like a big joint family in market and I would like things to remain like that.


DEEPESH – Jet Technologies as of now is counted as one of the most wanted brand and I wish to take forward this in future as well.

Prodot – 30 Years And Counting

Prodot for more than 30 years Prodot is committed towards enriching lives of people with high quality and cost effective IT products and solutions. Prodot is India’s biggest company offering a wide range of ‘Made in India’ computer peripherals & print consumables.  

Dot Matrix Ribbons & Refills – Known to have printing solution for almost each and every Dot Matrix, POS, billing, pass book, printers in India. Prodot products are NCU featured and have the ability to meet or exceed the OEM quality parameter. Their dot matrix ribbon cartridges provide you with upto 3 lac print character per meter. The use of high quality nylon fabric adjusted to appropriate torque gives a smooth and seamless printer movement. The brand claims to enjoy a market share of about 70% in dot matrix printer ribbons in India. Prodot ribbons come with extra smooth and superior joints with state of the art ultrasound machines.

Keyboards and Mice –Prodothas emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of Keyboards and Mice in India. The company claims to produce best wireless mouse. They have more than 50 variants in terms of shapes, sizes and colours. The products are available in abundance on almost every dealer and distributor due to its high demand. Another add on is their affordability being an Indian manufactured product.

Laser Toner and Cartridges – One of the largest manufacturers of compatible toner and cartridges in India, Prodot offer cartridges that are of finest quality and give high yield. Their more than 60 models are capable to deal with more than 500 popular printermodels in India. We at ProDot, offer our clients and customers 65+ models of laser toner cartridges that fit perfectly with their printer models and match their needs and requirements. With a verified and tested compatibility viz. OPC drum, toner powder, mag roller, blades etc, we provide you with the best compatible cartridge for HP Printer, Canon, Brother or Ricoh printers giving sharp, crisp printouts and high page yield.

Inkjet and Dye Sublimation Inks – The brand claims to be the largest seller of refill inks for cartridges and ink-tank printers in India offering two different inks for inkjet and sublimation process. The USP of the inks offered are many such as quick drying, non-bloating, fade resistant, etc. make us a first choice among consumers.

Refilling Aids – The qualify and standard of their refilling aids like inks, toner, OPC drums, blades, tools etc. are of finest quality. Being the largest producer of cartridges our refill products are very much tested and hence trusted.

Photo & sublimation transfer papers – ProDot photo papers are bright and white, cost coated and is able to provide life-like images. The company claims them to be fade resistant, quick dry and water resistant which make them first choke to print portfolios, brochures, photographs etc. ProDot sublimation papers too are of outstanding quality and are capable of printing vivid colors and transfer without residues. Both are offered in different sizes and GSMs to suit various printing needs.

Other Peripherals – In this technology driven world, ProDot brings for you the high quality and cost effective IT products such as the best laptop charger online in India. They are one of the largest manufacturers of IT products offering a wide range of Made in India computer peripherals like laptop charger, adaptor, wifi dongle, USB, screen cleaning kit, etc. There products are of best quality and are now available online across India and the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go for your next Prodot product now!!

Canon launches new Maxify Printers in India

Canon India launched the MAXIFY GX7070 and MAXIFY GX6070 ink tank printers to meet high volume demands for colour printing across small and mid-size offices. With water-resistant, fast printing and flexible paper handling, the two new printers are designed to combine productivity and laser printer-like efficiency and enable users to increase business productivity.

Sharing his thoughts on the announcement, Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO, Canon India said: “India has been one of the most important markets for Canon’s printing business, having received a huge acceptance for our ink tank printers amongst all customers. It has been our constant endeavour to bring forth the latest technological innovations, catering to diverse and evolving demands of our customers. Continuing the momentum in 2021, we have introduced 13 models of ink tank printers so far, bringing our customers the most innovative, cost effective and productive solutions.

“As we continue to grow stronger, we are proud to extend the ink tank technology to our flagship MAXIFY series, reinforcing our commitment to the growth of small businesses in the country. We are optimistic that the new MAXIFY range of printers will boost efficiency for small and mid-sized businesses, along with reinventing their printing experience at utmost utility value.”

Speaking about the new products, C Sukumaran, Director, Consumer SystemProducts & Imaging Communication  Business highlighted: “As the entrepreneurship culture continues to grow in the country, SMEs and SOHOs are looking at strengthening their workflow to scale their business further. At Canon, we want to play an important role in their growth journey by providing them with innovative products in line with their requirements.

“We are seeing a greater adoption of mobile and cloud printing amongst small businesses, along with the increasing demand for high volume colour printing. Addressing such demands, our new range of MAXIFY printers utilizes a high-volume continuous ink supply system which significantly reduces ink costs for colour printing. These printers will help small set-ups streamline their printing infrastructure and increase employee productivity by leveraging the high volume efficient colour printing feature.”

Large ink tanks and high-volume ink bottles significantly reduce ink costs for both monochrome and colour printing. A full set of ink delivers approximately 6,000 grayscale pages and 14,000 pages in colour.For businesses that need to print even more, an Economy mode setting pushes output to 9,000 and 21,000 pages of grayscale and colour respectively.

The ability to print on a variety of textures and print surfaces also ensures businessesdo not need to buy different  printers when there is a need to switch  between envelopes, labels, glossy paper, and banner paper.

The use of pigment inks delivers water-resistant document prints on plain paper, lending a laser print-like quality not found in conventional inkjet printers. Text, colour bars, and charts will resist smudging when in contact with highlighter pens, while rain splashes and accidental water spills can dry out without colour bleeding and destruction to printed content.

Both printers come with an automatic document feeder (ADF). Together with the convenience of a front-USB port, users can load up to 50 sheets of document originals on the ADF to be duplicated or scanned into digital storage, on their computers, USB-removable storage, and even into mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. On the MAXIFY GX7070, there is an additional bonus in single-pass duplex scanning, where both sides of a two-sided document can be scanned in a single paper pass. The MAXIFY GX7070 has a maximum paper loading capacity of 600 sheets while the MAXIFY GX6070 has a maximum paper loading capacity of 350 sheets.

The MAXIFY GX7070 and MAXIFY GX6070 also feature a modular, user-replaceable maintenance cartridge that can be obtained over the counter in retail.


A candid chatter over tea with Growlam brand’s founder Mr.GauravKhetterpal turned into an amazing conversation about how the company dealt with the year 2020 and what the brand is looking forward to in 2021. Below are the snippets from a candid chat with Indian Recharger Sources, where Mr.Khetterpal have poured his heart out. Read and enjoy.

Divya: Let’s start with the lockdown survival, that’s what all want to listen to. It feels great to see how positively you have marched passed the year 2020…

Gaurav: “I believe lockdown was brutal for everyone and there is no denying to that. Domestic and international markets came down on their knees. There were brands going bankrupt, reports popping up on the news channels of job layoffs etc. But for us what worked was the hard work that we did since our inception in 2015, which eventually got paid off in 2020. Our lamination business aided us to sail through the tough waters. Reading the occurrences and keeping in mind a non performance quarter we came to the conclusion that we have passed the exam and that too with the flying colours.

The profit figures showing up in the sheets don’t lure me anymore. What mattered to me the most was that Growlam didn’t lose a single channel partner despite of the price change, we were able to give 100% salaries to staff, after a shutdown of about 3 months, we firmly bounced back and was fully operational from July onwards. That’s all what I have achieved in 2020″.

Divya: That’s highly appreciable. But I am sure there must have been other demotivating factors as well…

Gaurav: Off course, there were other factors which were not in our favour like the imposition of anti-dumping duty on black toners proved to be a set back as the consequence was a price gap between domestically manufactured and the imported one. This made us to re-think and re-evaluate our policies based on the new laws. But we are in the talkswith new factories overseas and looking forward to overpass this as well.  Not only this, there are other challenges also like companies are now more interested in cash business deals. Those who used to buy in bulk for long periods are now buying in smaller but multiple portions. This has led to a sharp decline in the credit sales. I don’t blame them for the move as the uncertainty of the market has changed the scenario a lot.

Divya: So, do we see amazing products coming our way in 2021…

Gaurav: Yes, definitely we are strenuously working on it and hope to launch it soon this year. We were able to cover up 80% of our target sales last year despite of all of that has happened. So for this year I am keeping myself a lot positive as I am sure that we will be able to reach the targets on time. This was very much clear to me from the day I started that we are never going to compromise on the quality of our products. Each and every product that we offer like laminators, lamination pouches, inkjet photo papers, PVC products, OPC Drum, laser toner cartridges or toner goes through stringent quality check. We are also working on our after sales services as well. I was touched to see how dedicatedly my staff went out despite the danger and didn’t turn off from their duties. 

Apart from this, 2021 will witness the reach of Growlam to the untouched Indian terrains mainly in North-Eastern regions. As of now, we have a strong hold in the northern and eastern areas. Western and Southern areas will be our next target. We are planning to increase our channel partners as well. Time and again we keep launching lucrative offers to motivate them. We are planning to penetrate deep and further widen the spread and reach of our brand. Growlam as an Imaging brand has come a long way and I wish that it further goes bigger and better. And aswe are talking about them I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and thanks them all for being with us in thick and thin. What Growlam is today is all because of the joint efforts of our staff and channel partners. Their trust in us keeps us going.

A little about the brand

GREENLAM OFFICE SOLUTIONS, is one of the leading brand in Office Supplies, and have a selling network in all the major cities in India. They offer a comprehensive range of products that includes Pouch Laminators, Laminating Pouch Film, Inkjet Photo paper, Spiral Binding Machines, PVC products, Imaging products like Cartridges, toner and OPC Drum and many other products. The brand runs under the guidance of Mr.GauravKhetterpal, an MBA from University of Wales UK. The company enjoys a healthy share in the market.

Gi2 launches new high glossy inkjet photo paper

Adding yet another feather to their cap Goel Imports (India) launches glossy inkjet photo papers. Based out of New Delhi, the brand has come up with a range of affordable and premium quality glossy papers.

The new range of photo papers can turn your life time memories into superb photographic images, as the product has excellent compatibility with dye and pigment ink. The newly launched photopaper has a smooth glossy surface along with super bright whiteness for perfect color saturation and are long lasting. The photopaper will give you the look and feel of a real photograph.

On the launch Mr.Tarun Gupta, Director, said, “I am elated to announce our new product Glossy Inkjet Photo Papers” which will are affordable and are made to cater to all the market needs in the future. On this occasion I would like to appreciate and share a token of thanks to our channel partners and customers who have shown such a wonderful response to our product. We are aiming to deliver better quality products at reasonable prices. We promise to deliver the best of the products in the near future as well.”


Based out of Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi, Infocare s is a one-stop solution for all your printer and accessories needs. The brand offers an array of products like laser printers, Dot Matrix printers, cartridges, OPC drums and printer parts including top brands like HP, Canon, Brother, Kyocera etc. Established under the leadership of Mr. Sarabjeet Singh in 2003 the company has a wonderful reputation as wholesalers and bulk sellers.

Talking about the USP of the company, Mr. Sarbjeet Singh said, “Our major attraction is that we provide high quality products in affordable prices with warranty. We make sure that the customers purchasing from us get full service support. The products are procured from premium vendors. Since last few years we have been making it a point that the customers get anything and everything related to printers under one roof. Atleast for laser printer parts we are the one stop destination. All the products go through stringent checking parameters before being delivered to the customers.

I have always believed that a happy and satisfied customer is the key to any successful business. People should have trust and faith in your products. In this era of pandemic we were able to survive just because of our transparent and honest business policy. During lockdown we heard dreadful stories of people getting thrown out of jobs, but here at Infocare s, we did not let go even a single of our staff. With government highlighting on the issue of a self-dependent India, it’s high time that we all come together and make efforts to surpass the situation. We will be spreading to the other parts of India in coming years as well.”


Adding another feather to their capJIT Enterprises has launched premium quality and affordable toners for Kyocera TASkalfa models 1620/2035/2040/3035/1800/2201/3011/3212/4035/5002/5035 and Canon models 8500/7200/105/600/605/550. These unadulterated toners are able to produce sharp prints. They are crafted by considering the need of each printer model carefully. The company claims that page yield to be as close to the OEM’s or can even surpass the benchmark. JIT Enterprises have already made a mark since inception. There aggressive marketing strategies and innovative products have made them a bankable name in printing and imaging industry.

On the occasion Mr.AlokAgrawal, founder, said, “We take immense pride in announcing our new toners which will be compatible with Kyocera and Canon models. These new toners from JIT Enterprises will set a benchmark for others in all the quality parameters. Since long India has been dependent on foreign suppliers for toners.  Being an individual from industrial background, I have always strived for obtaining excellence in the area where the market is lagging. I noticed that if not less, more than 60% of Indian toner demand is being catered by the foreign manufacturers and in India there are only a couple of  toner manufactures. Keeping this in mind we set up JIT Enterprises by installing a State of Art highly automated and integrated German line for the production of Superior quality OEM compatible toner powder for HP Laser printers and copiers to suppress dependency of India on foreign market.”

Adding to his words, Mr. JitendraDoshi, Founder said, “See, there are three things which a customer looks in while using any new product which are Quality, Consistency and Reliability and are new toners have all these in them. In this era of pandemic we have got this opportunity to deliver Indian made genuine and pocket friendly products to the customers. Indian Customer will be happy to buy MAKE IN INDIAproducts if we guarantee the above said norms.Also opting for Made In India toner will give them the flexibility of buying as they don’t have to place order for container load, they can very well plan their procurement schedule over the entire year and can utilise their financial resources more effectively. Buying from Indian Manufacturer also give customer a peace of mind about after sales service and complaint resolution”

JIT Enterprises is known to have a state of art Lab with all modern equipment’s and excellent R&D facility, where they  continuously studying the market demand and growing with them by optimising production process and continue to strive for the best.  Recently they have trended towards higher levels of automation to promise greater speed and precision of production as well as reduced exposure to human error. New production technology could help overcome the stagnant productivity of recent decades and make way for more value-added activity.

Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Imaging After Market

This is surely a very difficult time, I must say. Not only for our industry but for the whole economy. As far as the impact is considered it would be seen for at least half of the year. Resuming back from the lockdown will not work overnight.

A lot of companies, especially IT companies have started work from home, but that is not possible with our industry.

It will take time for everybody to make peace with WFH culture the new normal. Also as stated by different news channels corona virus  is here to stay, so we have to mould and develop our business in a way that we stay prepared for future and any  other calamities like this. Small vendors are in stress too. Either they have products stocked up which are lying useless due to zero sales or some of them are worrying as they are out of stock. I wish the situation comes back to normal soon.

Evershine – Shining Bright AcrossIndia With Quality Products

Based out in New Delhi, EvershineDigiteck Pvt. Ltd., is a well established brand in printing and office supplies. The brand is an exporter of high performance and cost effective Laser Toner Powder, Photocopier Toner, OPC Drums, Inkjet inks etc. Flourishing under the guidance of Mr. PankajNebhwani (Director, Indian Operations), they offer a plethora of products like Laser Toner Powder, Photocopier Toner, Inkjet Inks, OPC Toner Drums, Laser Toner Cartridges, all printer parts, accessories, paper Products, copier paper etc. Evershine is a part of Taiwan based Evershine Group with offices in Taiwan, HongKong, China and India.

The company has always maintained the consistency in quality to satisfy customers need, keeping in par with the international standards. Their ensured quality requirement in every step has enabled them to mark an established and renowned identification in industry. Over the years, EvershineDigiteckPvt Ltd has considerably consolidated its market share in the domestic and overseas market through consistent supply of products at competitive prices and timely delivery. Superior quality is the prime reason why it enjoys recognition amongst its buyers. With professional management, an exquisite range of high quality products, efficient and reliable services at competitive prices Evershine is indeed your one stop shop for all your requirements.

I believe we will come out stronger from this – Multi Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.

In a conversation with Indian Recharger Sources, Mr. Mukesh Patel, Director, Multi Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. spoke about the Covid – 19 impact that the industry is facing. Keeping the things positive he said, ‘I am very much sure that this hard time will pass by and I am sure that each and every one of us learnt something out of this. For months businesses were closed and there was no hope seen. People flew away to their naitive places. Economy came to stand-by. But it’s not only us who are suffering. There is world along with us. Who must have thought that corona cases will touch more that 1 crore people globally. Post unlock-1 things are slowly coming back on the track. The same goes for our industry as well.

I firmly believe that ‘Atamnirbhar Bharat Andolan’ will lead us to a better position. The more united we will stand the easier it would be for all of us to handle it and come out of it gracefully. I really wish things to get back to shape as soon as possible. We have lots of plans for 2021 to consider once we sail through it. ‘

Incepted in 2002, Multi Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. deals in printer spares, plotter spares & consumable industry. The company is based out in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) also specializes in trading activity for printer spares & bulk toner, cartridge spares and consumables. In the field of printer spares & cartridge spares Multi Infomedia maintains the widest range & best quality output.